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You CAN control mosquitoes with effective mosquito traps and repellents IF you get the right mosquito killer traps and repellents for your situation.

What is best for you? It depends on the kind of mosquitoes you have and your yard size. See our recommendations, or call if you prefer. 

We sell the best non-toxic mosquito traps, machines and repellents available. Start living outdoors again.

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Mosquito Traps
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Mosquito Traps   Mosquito Repellents

Mosquito traps that use CO2 (Mosquito Magnet and SkeeterVac traps) cover up to one acre.  We recommend these effective traps:

MM Patriot CO2 - Corded $329.99
MM Independence   
CO2 - Cordless$599.00
MM Executive
CO2 - Computerized               $749.00

Traps that use UV light (Dynatraps, Intellitrap) attract for about 30 feet, even indoors. 

UV - Table or wall mount           $119.00
     DT 1200UV - Floor Standing model        $139.00
UV - 50% more light         $189.00
DT500UV - Indoor model$119.00
IntelliTrap    UV - Indoor/Outdoor    $89.00

The new non-toxic misting mosquito repellents are very effective.  They are available to protect small to large spaces. 

   Mosquito Cognito (2)    100 sf  $94.00
Mosquito Sentry900 sf $199.00
BackYard Mister
Up to 2000 sf    $199.00
SolaMist (Solar)NEW! May be all you need.   $439.00

We also carry misting fans, instant  screens and Mosquito Patches for personal protection.

Mosquito Patch (20)1 patch lasts 36 hours    $23.90
   Bug Off Instant Screens
Walk-thru screens    $39.95
AuraMist Fan (16")Dispels bugs; cools you.     $189.00

What is best for your situation?

See our Recommendations for a guide.


Buying a mosquito trap, machine or repellent is not like buying an appliance. You cannot just plug it in and watch the mosquitoes disappear.

Mosquito trap and mosquito repellent selection and placement can make a huge difference in your outdoor and indoor enjoyment.

We can help you select the best mosquito traps to kill mosquitoes and the best mosquito repellents for your individual conditions.

We have specialized in mosquito control since 2002. We have knowledgeable people available by phone or e-mail to help you during and after the sale of our mosquito killer machines, mosquito traps and repellent devices. We know what works and what doesn't.

If you would like to talk about your situation or prefer to order by phone, please call us at our toll-free number (866) 379-4669. A real person answers during 8 am to 6 pm, M-F Eastern time.

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