Mosquito Sentry

SolaMist Solar Powered Misting System


Terminex AllClear Backyard Mister

Mosquito Sentry   SolaMist Misting System   Backyard Mister

The Mosquito Sentry gives up to 900 sq. Ft. of continuous protection via a non-toxic misting system. It can protect an area of 30' x 30' with up to 15 people.

New for 2015, the SolaMist is a new misting system.  You string up to 90 feet of tubing with up to 30 nozzles around your protected area.  Solar powered. Control it with your smart phone.

The Terminex AllClear Backyard Mister covers up to 2000 sq. ft.  You spray an area for a few minutes then spray again in 2 hours or as needed.

Mosquito Cognito

Bug Off Instant Screen


Mosquito Patch

Mosquito Cognito   Bug Off Instant Screens
  Mosquito Patch

Mosquito Cognitos repel mosquitoes, gnats and other biting insects. 2 Cognitos will protect up to 4 people in an area 16 feet in diameter. 

Bug Off Instant screensare a quick and easy way to create a walk through screen. Bugs stay out, but you and your pets go in and out hands free.

The Mosquito Patch is for personal protection, like a DEET based spray without the drawbacks. It is very effective, safe and non-toxic.

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Bug Off Instant Screens Bug Off Screens, instant screens, insect screens, mesh doors
Price: $39.95
Availability: In Stock
Wolf and Moon Item #: RepScreen -

    Bug Off Instant ScreensBug Off started the instant screen industry more than 20 years ago. It was originally invented for apartments and condos, where standard framed screen doors are often not permitted. With a Bug Off Screen, the bugs stay out, but the fresh air, people, and pets can go in and out without opening and closing a door. No hands needed. The mesh door is held together by magnets in the middle. It automatically closes.We guarantee that you will not find a better instant...

    Mosquito Patch (2 patches/Pk) Mosquito Patch, mosquito repellent, personal mosquito protection
    Price: $2.39
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    AgraCo Item #: RepPatch -

      72-hour Mosquito Patch package (2 36-hour patches)Minimum order is 10. The Mosquito Patch is a clear skin patch that provides personal protection against mosquitoes, gnats and flies. Use it while hunting, fishing, boating, camping, golfing, any time you are outdoors for long periods. It is used by oil drilling companies, forest rangers, military special forces and the Survivors TV production crew among others. So why not just use these instead of traps? Because mosquitoes still fly around...

      Mosquito Cognito 42 day pkg (1 cognito, 1 pk of 2 Conceal cartridges) mosquito repellent,Mosquito Cognito, Mosquito Sentry, terminex, allclear mosquito misters, AllClear backyard mister
      Price: $49.95
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      BioSensory Item #: RepCog42 -

        The Mosquito Cognito is a mosquito repellent that uses Conceal, which is based upon Linalool. All of our area repellents emit a non-toxic plant-based scent that contains Linalool or Geraniol. They are much more effective than Citronella. A fan or mister releases them into the air around you.Click to see the research interferes with the ability of mosquitoes to find targets like people and animals, even if they are close by. It attacks...

        SolaMist Solar-Powered Mosquito and Insect Misting System New unique mosquito and insect misting system.

        Price: $499.00
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        Remington Solar Item #: SM-808 -

          The SolaMist is an innovative new area mosquito repellent for 2015.  It dispenses a non-toxic mist through an included 45 foot tube you set up with 15 nozzles.  It can be expanded to 90 feet and 30 nozzles. You string it on your deck, fence or shrubbery with the nozzles about 5' off the ground.It is powered by a Lithium Ion battery that can operate for days when fully charged.  It can be charged by its included solar panel or plugged into a regular 110v outlet (cord...

          Terminix AllClear Backyard Mister mosquito repellent,Mosquito Cognito, Mosquito Sentry, terminex, allclear mosquito misters, AllClear backyard mister

          Price: $199.00
          Availability: In Stock
          Universal Pest Solutions Item #: ACM3270 -

            The Terminix AllClear Backyard Mister (new in 2013) repels mosquitoes by releasing a mist that repels them. We sell only the non-toxic version which is made from a solution containing Lemon Grass called Geraniol. Totally non-toxic. The Material Safety Data Sheet can be seen below. It sprays a very fine mist into the air that confuses mosquitoes. Scientific testing shows it to be very effective. Repellents keep mosquitoes away from you, so you mist the area where you congregate every 2...

            Mosquito Sentry Repellent Device w/ remote control mosquito repellent,Mosquito Cognito, Mosquito Sentry, terminex, allclear mosquito misters, AllClear backyard mister

            Price: $199.00
            Availability: In Stock
            Monster Mosquito Item #: RepMS -

              The Mosquito Sentry is a favorite with our customers.   It is the only large area non-toxic mosquito repellent available that provides continuous protection while on. It is placed in the center of your outdoor gathering and produces a non-toxic vapor of plant compounds that repel mosquitoes. In optimal conditions of medium to high humidity and little or no wind, it can protect up to 15 people in an area 30' x 30'. It has a 1.5 gallon tank that will last for 20 hours. You turn it on...

              Why buy mosquito traps and mosquito repellents from us?

              Buying a mosquito trap, machine or repellent is not like buying an appliance. You cannot just plug it in and watch the mosquitoes disappear. Mosquito trap and mosquito repellent selection, timing, placement and other factors can make a huge difference in your outdoor and even indoor enjoyment.

              Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there. We can help you select the right mosquito traps to kill mosquitoes and mosquito repellents for your individual conditions.

              We have specialized in trapping mosquitoes since 2002.

              We have knowledgeable people available by phone or e-mail to help you during and after the sale of our mosquito killer machines, mosquito traps and repellent devices. We have a close relationship with the manufacturers. 

              If you would like to talk about your situation or prefer to order by phone, please call us at our toll-free number (866) 379-4669.

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