The products you need for effective mosquito control depend upon the number of people and area size you need to protect. We carry mosquito traps and repellents for indoors and all sizes of outdoor areas.  See our guide below.

If mosquito activity is light to moderate, traps or repellents alone may be enough. If you have heavy mosquito activity outdoors, you really need both a mosquito trap or traps and mosquito repellents.

We also carry a variety of other mosquito protection products, including the Misting Fan, Mosquito Patches, and Bug Off instant screens which let air, people and pets in and keeps bugs out. We personally use them all.

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Recommended Outdoor Mosquito Traps and Repellents by Yard Size

All Outdoor Areas

A fan or fans should be your first tool for controlling mosquitoes outdoors. They don't like wind. Oscillating fans are the best.  We use the AuraMist 16" Misting Fan, normally in just fan mode.  If it is hot, you can turn on the mist. It cools up to 30 degrees.
AuraMist 16" Misting Fan
Auramist 16"
Small area and Camping

Mosquito Cognitos are the smallest, least expensive area repellents.  For up to 4 people, you need at least 2 to 4 Mosquito Cognitos to get enough mist in the air to be effective. You must be within a few feet downwind (in the misted area) to be protected. Add one more for every 4 more people.

If mosquito activity is heavy, or you need to protect more space or people, consider the Mosquito Sentry.  

   Cognito pic

Mosquito Cognito


Small Yard (30 feet or less to the border from the area you use)

If the edge of your property is 30 feet or less from the outdoor area you use, do not get a mosquito trap.  It will attract more to your area. Use only the mosquito repellent devices.

You can use at least 4 Mosquito Cognitos. Very small and inexpensive.  However, we particularly recommend the Mosquito Sentry. It will protect an area of about 30' x 30' and up to 15 people.
  Mosquito Sentry Pic    
    Mosquito Sentry    


Medium size Yard (30-50 feet to the border from the area you use).

For mosquito repellents, we recommend the Mosquito Sentry

For a mosquito trap, get an Intellitrap or one of the Dynatraps. Put the mosquito trap at least 20 feet from you.  

Mosquitoes can see around 30 feet. These traps use UV lights, so they must be in a place that is visible to the mosquitoes. You want the mosquitoes to see the trap before they see you. These traps will also catch many other bothersome insects. 

If your yard is this size, do not use a CO2 based trap because it attracts from about 100 feet. You will just attract more to your area.


inOut Mosquito Trap

  IntelliTrap   DynaTrap

Larger yard (50 feet or more to the border)


We recommend the Mosquito Sentry for your patio or congregating space or the Terminix AllClear Backyard Mister for larger lawn areas.


Select one or more of the CO2 based traps, Mosquito Magnet or SkeeterVac.  Put the trap at least 30 feet away from you toward the source of the mosquitoes. Why? Because the trap attracts and then captures. If it is close to people, the mosquitoes will prefer the people to the trap.  Watch the Mosquito Magnet Placement Video to see why.

  Mosquito Sentry Pic   Back Yard Mister
 Mosquito Sentry AllClear Backyard


Mosquito Magnet Trap Placement Video 

(applies to all CO2 Traps)



Very Large Yards

  MMIndependence   SV5000 Mosquito Trap

Cordless Mosquito Magnet


Recommended Personal and Indoor Mosquito Control
Personal Repellent

When you are outdoors for extended periods where mosquitoes are active, we highly recommend using Mosquito Patches. They are safe, effective and cheap. No oils, smells or mess. We use them.
Mosquito Patch

Bug Off Instant Screen

Bug Off Instant Screens lets air, people and pets in and keeps bugs out.  They are durable, inexpensive and very quick and easy to install. Hands free. We use one. 14 standard sizes for all door types.
Bug Off Screen pic
Bug Off Screens


If you have mosquitoes and flies indoors, look at the DynaTrap Indoors and the Intellitrap. They attract and capture all flying insects by UV light.

If mosquitoes are getting inside, put a Cognito
outside by your doors or other openings.
Intellitrap Pic
DT Indoors IIntellitrap

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