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AllClear Mister Lantern
Lantern refill 3pk
Lantern contents

Terminix AllClear Lantern (Click to enlarge)

Lantern Natural Refill AllClear Lantern Contents
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We recommend using 2 or more.
1 AllClear Lantern ACM5000 (incl. 1 12 oz. bottle of Natural repellent) $72.95
All Clear Lantern
1 pkg of 3 12 oz. Natural refills for the Lantern ACC7003. Each bottle lasts from 5 to 10 hours depending upon misting interval. $29.95 Lantern 3pk refill
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Personal protection. 1 patch lasts 36 hours.
1 pkg. is $2.99 (2 patches per package).    MINIMUM ORDER OF 10 PACKS $29.90).
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How AllClear Works

The Terminix All Clear Natural products repel mosquitoes by releasing a mist of Geraniol, a substance made from Lemon Grass. It is totally non-toxic and safe for humans and all animals. You can view the Material Safety Data Sheet below. The Lantern works by spraying a very fine mist into the air for 5 seconds at a time that confuses mosquitoes. It is not enough to make anything damp. Tests have shown that they can be very effective. Unlike mosquito traps which attract and kill mosquitoes and other biting insects, these units keep them away from you. If you have heavy mosquito density, you may need more devices. You may also need one or more mosquito traps. 

The Terminix AllClear Lantern works best when it is close to you with little or no wind. It releases a mist periodically which remains in the air. You are protected when you are in the plume of the mist. Tests have shown that protection increases from around 80% with one up to 9 feet away from you to over 90% if you sit in the middle of 4 of them. We recommend at least 2.


The Lantern is 11.5" H x 7.75" D x 7.75" W. It can be placed on a table, hung from the enclosed metal loop, or mounted on the wall (bracket included). The Lantern uses 4 AA batteries. You get light and biting insect protection. It is operated by a remote control which allows you to select the timing of the spray from 5, 7.5 or 10 minute intervals, depending upon the mosquito pressure. Each bottle of repellent concentrate will last up to 10 hours on the 10 minute interval or 5 hours on the 5 minute interval. There is also a Mist Now button on the remote and the lantern.

To operate the Lantern, you fill it with the Natural repellent, then turn the switch on the lantern to ON. Select the interval from the remote control. You can turn also turn the light and the unit on and off.

If the mosquitoes are thick or you want more protection, add one or more lanterns or traps as shown in our recommendations


Terminix AllClear Lantern Video

This video shows the Lantern in operation. It mists periodically. The Backyard Mister also sends out a mist, but it covers a much wider area. With the Backyard, you mist every 2 hours or as desired. Click the picture to see the video.

AlllClear Lantern Video
Tests, Manuals and MSDS
Click the title to view a pdf document    

2011 AllClear Lantern Test

  Protection up to 95%+ depending upon distance and wind.
AllClear Lantern Operation Manual   How to set up and use. Troubleshooting advice.
Material Safety Data Sheet for the Naturals Repellent   "All active and inert ingredients are from EPA 25b Exempt list and are Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS). Components and product can be used on and around food, food crops or animal feed."
Specifications & FAQs
Q. What makes this repellent better?   A.  The Terminix AllClear Lantern has been tested and shown to be up to 90%+ effective depending upon distance and wind. It is effective and non-toxic.
Q. Is this product safe?   A. It uses a chemical that is derived from the Lemon Grass plant. Totally safe for people and animals. see the MSDS above. 
Q. How often do I have to refill the unit?   A. The Lantern holds 12 oz. of repellent, good for 60 5 second mist cycles. You can choose 5, 7.5 or 10 minute intervals, which is 5, 7.5 and 10 hours respectively. The tests show it to be most effective at 5. There is also a mist now button.
Q. What is the warranty period?   A. Manufacturer's 6 month limited warranty. You call them directly.
Q. Where do you place the AllClear Lantern?   A. It can be placed on a table, hung or mounted on a wall.
Q. What is the effective range of the unit?   A. About 9 feet from the unit. It mists in a 120 degree arc.
Included in the package:    
Each Lantern package contains:  
1 Lantern, 4 AA batteries, remote control, hook, mounting bracket, 1 12 oz. bottle of AllClear Natural Mosquito Repellent, Op. manual
Each 30 hour refill package contains:   3 12 oz. bottles of AllClear Natural Mosquito repellent (a bottle lasts up to 10 hours each).

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