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    The DynaTrap Indoors attracts and captures all flying insects, including moths, flies, gnats and mosquitoes. It is small, silent, and does not use any other attractants such as Octenol or Lactic acid. You put it on a wall in a dim location that is visible to flying insects.

    Add Repellents. The best defense combines traps and repellents. Place Mosquito Cognito repellents by outdoor openings to reduce the number of mosquitoes that get in.


    The DYNATRAP�� received the IENA Bronze Medal in an international contest for inventions. IENA is an internationally recognized organization for global competition with highly qualified and respected inventors exhibiting on an annual circuit in Nurnberg, Germany. 

    Color: white. Cover is plastic.

    Dimensions:  8" W x 6" D x 12" H

    Weight: 3 lbs. w/adaptor(4.5 lbs. shipping)

    Power: Requires 110v; operates on 12v low voltage.

    Operation: Simply plug it in and switch on. Best if used 24 hours daily.

    Coverage: Up to 30 feet from the machine. 

    Warranty: 1 year.

    Trap placement is very important.  

    This trap attracts by light only, so it must be seen to work.  Mosquitoes can see for about 30 feet.  

    The best location is on a wall about 5 feet high in a visible place. It should be the brightest light in the immediate area. A darker wall or dim area works best.

    The DynaTrap Indoors uses UV light (2 blue bulbs), heat, color, size, and a small amount of CO2 generated by the Titanium Oxide coated surface to attract mosquitoes, gnats and other biting insects as well as flies and moths. 

    It can attract from up to 30 feet. The insects are sucked into the solid plastic catch tray, from which they cannot escape, by a very quiet fan. Note that it is not a zapper, so there are no annoying sounds. It is very small and easy to clean.

    1 - DynaTrap Indoors Flying Insect Trap (DT0500IN) 

    2 - 4 Watt UV bulbs (about 3000 hours of operation) (Part# 31050) 

    1 - 7 ft. cord 115 VAC 

    1 - Cleaning brush