Mosquito Repellents

The area repellents we carry all emit a totally non-toxic plant based mist based upon Geraniol or Linalool. Both interfere with the mosquito's ability to find a target, human or animal. They are much more effective than Citronella. They protect various size areas, up to 2000 sf.

The Mosquito Patch, a personal repellent, puts Vitamin B1 into your bloodstream, which mosquitoes do not like.

See our Mosquito Repellent page for a comparison.

Mosquito Traps

How do mosquito traps attract and kill mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are first attracted to a trap by smell. They can smell CO2 around 100 feet from a trap and start to fly towards the source. Next Octenol and Lactic Acid start to be perceived around 50 feet. As the insect continues toward the source, the color, lights and apparent movement in some mosquito traps add more attractants. Mosquitoes can only see about 30 feet.

Finally, as they get within around 3 feet, the mosquitoes are further attracted by the heat and moisture from the CO2 release (if present). They are sucked into the trap by a fan into a container. These are mosquito killer machines from which they cannot escape.


CO2 released from a tank, or as a byproduct of converting propane, can be perceived by a mosquito's sense of smell up to a distance of around 100 feet. CO2 is the lure that reaches out the farthest. The SkeeterVacs and Mosquito Magnets emit CO2.

Octenol is contained in a fragrance strip that is distributed by movement of the wind. Octenol can be perceived at a distance of around 50 feet. It has been shown that CO2 combined with Octenol is much more attractive than CO2 alone to most mosquitoes, except for Asian Tigers. If you live in the northern states with mosquitoes that mainly bite at dawn and dusk, use Octenol.

Lactic Acid has tested much more attractive to Asian Tiger mosquitoes (small, black and white stripes) and midges. If you live in southern states or your mosquitoes bite during the day, you should use Lactic Acid.

Lactic Acid is available as Lurex3 for Mosquito Magnet and SkeeterVac traps.


Color, Movement and Light: Mosquitoes can see movement and objects that differ in color from the background from a distance of around 30 feet. They are attracted to dark or black objects (so wear light clothing). They are also attracted to light. As the mosquito following the scent comes nearer, it senses movement of an animal or human and targets it. Some of the models we carry create the appearance of movement to the mosquito by tiny flashing LED lights in the body of the mosquito killer or repellent machine. The Dynatraps, DTindoor and Intellitrap are light based traps.


Perspiration from animals and humans can be perceived by mosquitoes up to 3 feet. A mosquito machine that uses propane gives off moisture which helps lure and kill mosquitoes.


Animals are warmer than their surroundings. Receptors on the mosquito's antenna help locate warmer areas from a distance of 10 feet, more if it is humid. The mosquito machines that convert propane give off some heat as the final lure in order to trap and kill mosquitoes.

Why is one mosquito trap better than the other? The shape, size, color and height of the mosquito machine can make a huge difference. So does the amount of CO2, octenol and/or lactic acid released. Some frequencies of lights work better than others. The way the fans are designed to draw them in makes a big difference. Finally, placement of the devices is very important. A good trap in the wrong location will not be effective. See Recommendations or Mosquito Traps.