• Mists through spray nozzles you string where needed
  • Comes with 45' of tubing and 15 nozzles. 45' extension available
  • Completely solar-powered
  • 30% tax CREDIT (not just a deduction)
  • Environmentally friendly - non-toxic
  • Installs in minutes with just a pair of snips
  • Portable - take on camping trips, RV-ing, etc.
Item #: SM-808
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    "We are sorry to announce that we have no more stock for this season. Please come back next year for a new version with even better mosquito fighting capabilities.”

    The SolaMist is an innovative new area mosquito repellent. It dispenses a non-toxic mist through an included 45 foot tube you set up with 15 nozzles. It can be expanded to 90 feet and 30 nozzles. You string it on your deck, fence or shrubbery with the nozzles about 5' off the ground.

    It is powered by a Lithium Ion battery that can operate for days when fully charged. It can be charged by its included solar panel or plugged into a regular 110v outlet (cord optional).

    Because it is solar powered, it qualifies for a federal tax credit of 30%. So your cost after rebate is $307.30.

    It can be set up by control panel on the unit. You set the timer to run at specified intervals. You can also do instant sprays as desired by pushing a button on the remote control or your cell phone. Some people use only the instant spray about every 45-50 minutes. At that rate, 4 oz. of the new concentrate will last about 50 hours if you have 30 nozzles, 100 hours with 15 and is only used when you are outdoors.

    You set the solar panel in the sun, run the tube to protect the area you want, install nozzles. You customize the mist to your requirements.

    It comes with 45 feet of tubing and 15 nozzles (expandable to 90 feet and 30 nozzles). The nozzles are placed 3 feet apart when you set it up.

    After setting up your schedule, you fill the unit 3/4 full with water (it holds 12 gallons), add 4 oz. of the new SolaMist Concentrate, and then fill to the top. We HIGHLY recommend that you use filtered water so that you do not plug the nozzles. Each tank is good for 60 45-second sprays with 30 nozzles, or 120 with 15.

    You control it by using the control panel. You can set it up to operate on certain hours and days for a set number of sprays. You can also turn the schedule off, and just do a 60 second instant spray as needed.


    You can disconnect the tube from the unit and take it with you for camping and picnicking. You will need to take at least 45' of tubing with 15 nozzles. The non-toxic concentrate is completely safe for use around children and pets. The system installs in minutes; all you need is a pair of snips or sharp scissors.

    If you spend most of your time in one outdoor area such as a pool, deck or patio area, an area repellent may be all you need. The SolaMist is a great solution.


    Operator's Manual

    Download your tax forms here:



    The SolaMist mosquito and insect misting system includes:

    SolaMist “egg shell” unit

    Touch screen spray schedule controller

    Solar panel with 9 foot cord and stand

    45 feet tubing

    15 tube clips

    15 spray nozzles

    1 T - fitting

    1 coupling

    2 end cap nozzles

    15 field stakes

    1 hand held remote control for instant sprays

    1 tube sharpener for trimming the ends of tubing.

    1 SolaMist Pro Concentrate for one fill (approx. 2-4 weeks usage) iPhone and Android application (available on iTunes and Google)