• Mosquito, Gnat and NoSeeUm repellent for small areas
  • Reduces mosquito landings up to 80%
  • Cheap to purchase and run (4 cents per hour)
  • Small, easy to operate, no maintenance
  • RECOMMENDED USE: at least 2 for one person: use 4 for up to 6 people
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    The Mosquito Cognito is a mosquito repellent that uses Conceal, which is based upon Linalool. All of our area repellents emit a non-toxic plant-based scent that contains Linalool or Geraniol. They are much more effective than Citronella. A fan or mister releases them into the air around you.

    Click to see the research http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20836800.

    Conceal interferes with the ability of mosquitoes to find targets like people and animals, even if they are close by. It attacks the insect's keen sense of smell. In one study, using the Mosquito Cognito reduced mosquito landings by up to 80%.

    The advantages of the Mosquito Cognito are many. It is very small (6" tall x 4" diameter), easy and inexpensive to operate (less than 4 cents per hour per device), does not release even minimal toxicity and uses no flame. It has a faint but pleasant odor, and has nothing to monitor or clean. You replace the Conceal cartridge every 14 days and the 2 AA batteries every 720 hours of use. You can start and stop the machine as often as you like.


    The protected area is downwind. You need at least 2 to get enough Conceal into the air and stay within the protected area as the wind shifts. One will not release enough scent to be effective. USE 4 for 2 to 6 people.

    Place them around you so that you are always in the protected area when the wind changes. Stay within 5 feet or so of the Cognito to be within the scent.

    If you need to protect more people or a larger area, we recommend the Mosquito Sentry.

    Color: Black and white. Cover is plastic. Operation: Turn it on when you are outside.
    Dimensions: 4" Diameter x 6" H Coverage: Up to 10 feet from the machine.
    Weight: 1 lb Warranty: 1 year.
    Power: None needed. Operates on 2 AA batteries. Replaceables: Conceal repellent and AA batteries

    In this test, Conceal in candle form was tested against no protection. 4 people, male and female, rotated through 4 locations.

    The results are shown on the right. The control subject (unprotected) had 147 mosquito landings, while the others had 13, 13 and 1 respectively.

    In a 4-day test conducted by Dan Kline of the USDA, people in an area with Conceal were tested against people in an area with no protection.
    Landings on humans in the Conceal protected area were reduced by 70%.


    United States Equestrian TeamIn former times when the stable was not protected by the Cognitos, we had a lot of sensitive horses come out in the morning with bites and welts from the mosquitoes. My experience, given this summer and the amount of rain we had, we would normally have terrible mosquitoes. The Mosquito 'Cognito really works.

    Michael Barisone
    United States Equestrian Team, United States Olympic Team
    Hawthorne Hill Farm, NJ

    Sogenji TempleDear Sir/Madame,

    I am a monk at a Zen Buddhist Monastery in Japan. Mosquitoes here are a big problem, since we sit in motionless meditation for many hours a day. Of course, we will not do anything to the water around here to kill them, but we do use odors to try to get rid of them. While I was in America last year visiting my family, I brought a few of your green Mosquito 'Cognito machines, and they have worked very well for us. Thank you for making the product.

    Soryu Zenji
Sogenji Temple, Okayama Japan

    St. Louis Department of HealthMosquito Cognito has already proven itself at on-the-job test sites around the country. For example, Vector Control Supervisor Mark Ritter of the St. Louis City Department of Health personally tested Mosquito Cognito and found it "remarkably effective." Trapping scores of mosquitoes over a few nights to establish a fair population benchmark, Ritter then used Cognito to determine its effect at keeping mosquitoes at bay.

    "I was amazed at how successful it was," stated Ritter. "Mosquito landings dropped by over 80% .... This product really works

    Minneapolis Star TribuneSmart Money magazine went to entomologists with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to test bug zappers. All were judged fair at best. But a much cheaper alternative called Mosquito Cognito was judged excellent. The softball-sized unit protects a patio-sized area, and works by emitting Conceal®, a chemical with inhibitor molecules found in plants and which prevents mosquitoes from smelling humans. The inhibitor cartridge lasts one to two months in normal operation.."

    1 Mosquito Cognito

    3 14 day Conceal cartridges

    2 AA batteries (replace after 720 hours)