• UV Light Trap
  • 1000 sq. ft coverage
  • 1 year warranty
  • No propane or other lures to buy
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    The Dynatrap DT1100 is a newly designed trap with several mounting options, including wall mount. It mainly attracts by light but does release a small amount of CO2. It has the same trap as the DT1200 without the stand.

     Dynatraps are best for small yards or large patios, and can even be used indoors. They primarily use UV light to attract, so their effective range is about 30 feet, the maximum distance a mosquito can see. If you have a larger yard, we recommend traps that use propane or CO2 tanks to release more CO2, which attracts from a much farther distance, about 100 feet.

    Model differences

    The 2000XL is larger than the 1100 and the stand-mounted 1200 , has a more powerful fan with a protective screen between the bulbs and the fan, and a damper that closes when the trap is turned off to prevent the insects from escaping. It also has 50% brighter lights (2 6 watt bulbs vs. 1 7 watt).


    The DYNATRAP�� received the IENA Bronze Medal in an international contest for inventions. IENA is an internationally recognized organization for global competition with highly qualified and respected inventors exhibiting on an annual circuit in Nurnberg, Germany.

    Light attracts many flying insects, so they reduce the population of all bothersome insects. All DynaTraps use UV light, heat, color, size, and a small amount of CO2 generated by the Titanium Oxide coated surface to attract mosquitoes, gnats and other biting insects as well as flies and moths.

    Insects are sucked into the solid plastic catch tray by a very quiet fan. They cannot escape. Note that it is not a zapper, so there are no annoying sounds. All 3 traps are small and easy to clean.

    The XL has 2 bulbs, about 50% brighter, so they are easier to see, hence more effective.

    The optional Nosquito 2-in-1 lure (for outdoor use only) will attract more mosquitoes and add to the catch.


    This is one of the most important considerations. It should be placed in a dim location so that the light is visible at a distance. Place it between 5' to 6' from the floor or ground. The light attracts from up to 30 feet, but it must be seen by the insects to work. Once you place it, monitor the catch. If you are not catching many, move the machine to another location. If you have a lot of flying insects, you may need a number of these. And remember that humans are always more attractive than any machine.

    Included in the DT1100 package:
    7 watt UV light bulb
    Metal chain for hanging
    Wall mounting bracket
    Cleaning brush
    10 ft. electrical cord 115v
    DT1100 Owner's Manual
    Warranty: 1 year
    Size: 12.75"H x 10" diameter
    Weight: 3.5 lbs.