• Totally non-toxic
  • 36 hour protection
  • No messy creams
  • 30 day money back guarantee on unopened packs
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    72-hour Mosquito Patch package (2 36-hour patches)

    Minimum order is 10. 

    The Mosquito Patch is a clear skin patch that provides personal protection against mosquitoes, gnats and flies. Use it while hunting, fishing, boating, camping, golfing, any time you are outdoors for long periods. It is used by oil drilling companies, forest rangers, military special forces and the Survivors TV production crew among others. So why not just use these instead of traps? Because mosquitoes still fly around you and even land on you. They just don't like your taste. It is very effective against bites.

    The active ingredient is 300 Mg. of Vitamin B1, (Thiamin). Unlike other vitamins, it is not absorbed by the body, and is expelled through perspiration which the insects don't like. It does not require sprays, creams or DEET. It is not toxic.

    Apply the patch 2 hours before going outdoors. The B1 builds up to a level that repels the insects. The protection lasts 36 hours. It is odorless, and without side effects. You can use it on infants over one year old. Each package contains 2 patches and costs $2.99, so coverage is $1.00 a day. 

    Q. What makes the Mosquito Patch better than other personal repellents?       A. It is the easiest and least annoying way to protect against mosquitoes. It has more Thiamin than other patches. No odors, sprays or creams. Lasts longer.
    Q. Is this product safe?    A. Yes. Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) is a required nutrient. There is no warning about excessive use when taken in pill or patch form. The excess is naturally removed from the body via perspiration and urine. There is no known allergy. It is not toxic or harmful in any way. It can be used on children aged one year and older.
    Q. How often do you have to apply the patch?  A. Each patch provides 36 hours of protection starting 2 hours after you put it on. Remove after 24 hours. The protection keeps going for another 12 hours.
    Q. What if it doesn't work for me?           A. The manufacturer has been selling these world wide for years without a single complaint. However, if you are unsatisfied with the products, you can return any unused packages within 30 days of purchase for a refund, excluding any freight charges.
    Q. What is the shelf life of the product?   A. Over 3 years.

    Apply 2 hours before exposure. Wear up to 24 hours. Protection lasts 36 hours. Each patch is 2" x 2" and contains 300 Mg. of Vitamin B1.

    It has been known that Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) repels pregnant mosquitoes (the ones that bite) since a study was published by the Pediatric Clinics of North America, 16:191, 1969.

    However it would take 2 weeks of daily pills to build up the required amount in your blood. Consequently, a patch was developed. It delivers enough B1 transdermally (through the skin) to get to the required level in about 2 hours. You wear the patch for up to 24 hours. The effects last for 36 hours. Each patch contains 300 Mg of Vitamin B1 (Thiamin).

    The patch works on all biting insects, such as mosquitoes, gnats, midges, flies, noseeums, green bottle flies, and others. It contains only Vitamin B1 (Thiamin). There are no known harmful side effects, no toxicity, no hazards when taken orally or by patch.

    There are no reported problems taking excess Thiamin. There are no known allergies. It is an all natural solution to biting flies with no chemicals, pesticide or insecticide. it is safe to use on children 1 year of age and older.

    Several companies order thousands of these patches at a time for their workforces in mosquito infested areas: British Petroleum and Coneco Phillips for the Alaskan workers; the US Defense Commissary Agency for our Armed Forces.

    Apply the patch to a clean, dry, hairless area of the body, such as inside the arm, thigh, above the inside of the ankle or on the lower hip beneath shorts or a bathing suit (you can swim with it) 2 hours before you need protection. Remove after 24 hours. Effects last for 36. 

    Lise' Shore, Dog Trainer, Chugiak, AlaskaI would like to share how much I love this product. I found the Mosquito Patch last summer. I live in Alaska about 30 miles out of Anchorage. We Alaskans joking call the mosquito our state bird.

    Last summer (2010) was one of the wettest on record. I was outside in the late afternoon planting the garden. I had been wearing the patch all day. My neighbor came over and said you have a cloud of mosquitoes around you. I looked up and she wasn't kidding, they were all around me but none were landing. I worked through out the summer and fall without a bite when I wore the patch.

    Just yesterday my furnace repairman came by for yearly maintenance. He asked if I had a mosquito problem? I asked why. He then showed me the intake filter to the HAVC. It was packed solid with dead mosquitoes. I've been working out side daily in the same area as the vent with no problems from the little pests due to the patch.

    I highly recommend this product. It has the highest amount of B1 on the market 300 mg. Mosquito Central processed my order fast and gave me shipping options no one else could.


    Nancy K. Charles-Parker
    Central America Regional Commercial Counselor
    US Embassy San Salvador, El Salvador

    I got your AgraCo 36-hour mosquito patch on June 6 at the Philadelphia USEAC outreach event at the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. I took 3 and found myself on a version of "Mosquito Coast" in Mexico a month later, where your patch saved the day and night for me. They saved my vacation and helped me enjoy a very special lagoon with gorgeous birds and a fresh water lake that
    emptied itself onto the Pacific Ocean beach in a dream setting...
    BarryTheBassESPN I have found the best product. This is no shameless plug. If you want to enjoy fishing and outdoor sports, well look no further for the Patch that takes the bite out of summer pests!

    Small, easy to apply 36 hour patches that adhere to your skin safely. I only use one patch on freshwater and saltwater trips. I get nothing but a pest free life by purchasing these cheap and effective products.

    Vanessa Haywood, Actress To whom it may concern:

    I recently went on a trip to Ponta du Oura, Mozambique - the mosquito capital of the world as far as I am concerned! A couple of hours before entering the malaria area, I stuck on one of my AgraCo mosquito patches. I had to change the patch every couple of days.

    There were hundreds of mosquitoes but I did not get one bite which is highly unusual as I am the first one to get eaten alive by mozzies when I'm outdoors! Since I'm a professional model and actress, returning from holiday without one mosquito bite was fantastic. Pity Survivor contestants haven't discovered these great patches ... ha ha! [Note: Subsequently, the Survivor production crew has discovered them and wears them.]

    The patches are easy to use, comfortable (I didn't even know it was there) and highly effective! They certainly beat those smelly, chemical mosquito repel/ants that make your skin itch!

    B J KellermanDuring the evening it became evident that there were many mosquitoes in the vicinity and I was bitten by quite a few before I put on the patch on my shoulder. I would not have been aware of the patch at all, had it not been for the fact that I was not bitten by a mosquito again since I put it on. I took a shower the following morning and the patch did not come off.

    I was was very impressed by the effectiveness of the product and would certainly make use of it in future. It does not have the distinctive smell that accompanies other mosquito repellant products and it is no hassle applying it. It is comfortable and apparently has health benefits, as it releases Vitamin B.

    I can certainly recommend the product.

    Steven LemI wanted to provide feedback on your mosquito trap and how pleased I am that your claims matched the real world effectiveness that I experienced using your product. Last year I took a trip to Kenya and Tanzania... I was introduced to your product throght a recommendation from the company that I hired to arrange my trip which included 6 days of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

    When I returned from my trip to the U.S., I was amazed that I did not suffer from a single mosquito bite (and I feel that I am one of those individuals that mosquitoes gravitate towards)....

    In the past, I have used lotions, sprays or creams with DEET and even herbal mosquito repellants with variable success. I am a believer in your product and happily have and would continue to recommend it to anyone looking for a highly effective deterrent to mosquitoes.

    Jack ElmsI went to Alaska fishing and have good news to report. There were five of us in our party. All of us used the patches every day with wonderful results. Last year I was eaten alive by the mosquitoes and midges in SE Alaska. The year only one of the five got a bite [one]....

    The mosquitoes would begin to lite and take off right away. The midges would lite and were in great enough numbers that they were a nuisance but none of us had any bites. Neither did we have any problems from the local white bellied flies.

    I will pass this information on to all I know, including our Arizona Hunter Education Classes.

    Anthony LiguoriI used one of your mosquito patches on my ankle on Father's Day in South Jersey.... It was remarkable and almost unbelievable.

    I get WELTS from bug bites as I am very allergic and I came home to Bryn Mawr that evening with not one bite on my body. I was so happy i wanted to CRY.......

    WHY????????? on earth has it taken so long for technology to come out with this for all of us people who suffer with mosquito and other bug bites? I am so happy not to spray OFF all over me you have no idea....

    Thank you so much.

    Jim Phipps, American Public Works Assn, Central Pennsylvania Chapter, York County BranchWe used your mosquito patches in our recent "AAA 2006 Chariman's Safari" to South Africa. I must tell you they worked perfectly. Neither my wife or myself received even a single bite....

    I have recommended them to our local York County APWA Branch members....

    Thanks again for your good advice and an excellent product.

    2 clear patches per pack. Each patch is 2" x 2".

    Apply 2 hours before exposure. Wear up to 24 hours. Protection lasts 36 hours. Each patch contains 300 Mg. of Vitamin B1 (Thiamin).