• 45 feet of additional tubing
  • 15 nozzles
  • Check valve (turn extension on and off)
  • Eye hooks to attach tubing
Item #: SMext-4515
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    The SolaMist Mosquito and Insect Misting System comes with 45 feet of tubing and 15 nozzles. This is enough area to protect more than 1/8th of an acre from mosquitoes, wasps, and spiders. 

    This is an extension kit that can double your coverage.  With the Soloist Tubing and Nozzle Extension, you add an additional 45 feet (for a total of 90 feet) and 15 more nozzles (total of 30). The kit also Includes a check valve so you can turn on or off your additional area (to conserve concentrate) and eye clips to mount it.

    Operator's Manual